Sports ‘n Stuf with Payne and Josh Episode 9



Sports ’n Stuf with Payne and Josh notes

  • AAC Freshman of the Week: Lester Quinones
    • 18.5 and 6 rebounds
  • Precious free throw shooting
  • CBS’s memphis vs Florida cotton bowl
  • Brady white
    • 2.8k yards 28 TDS 5 INT 67.4% COMP.
    • Semi Finalist for Danny O’Brien
    • Biletnikoff Noms
  • Tua injury
    • Draft Stock?
    • Who you taking ahead of him?
    • Mock Draft
  • Picks
    • Penn State at OSU:  -18.0 OSU
    • Illinois at Iowa: -16.0 Iowa
    • Texas A&M at UGA: -13.5 UGA
    • Texas at Baylor: -5.0 Baylor
    • SMU at Navy: -3.5 Navy
    • Memphis at USF: -15.0
  • What to watch
    • First Man
    • Packers vs Niners
  • What to listen to
    • Payne- Swimming by Mac Miller
    • Josh- Jazzmatazz by Guru

All Music by Jared McGee

Payne Ritchie

Twitter: PayneNotorious
Instagtam: PayneRitchiee

Josh Windsor

Instagram: Oh_my_josh7


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