Podcast Episode 8 with Josh Windsor



Podcast Notes

  • Wiseman Ineligible
    • Full Story and Legal Argument
    • Why did they play him?
    • Dominant win even without him
    • Should he play against Oregon?
  • Memphis Oregon
    • Ranked Matchup
    • Oregon physical enough to win?
  • Memphis @ Houston
    • Trap game-sneaky without d’eriq
    • Memphis last 3 games: Houston, USF, CIN
  • Josh’s CFP Top 6
    • LSU, OHSt, Clemson, Bama, Georgia, Minnesota
    • Committee’s rankings will draw line between SOS and eye test
  • Payne’s top 6
    • LSU, OSU, Clemson, Bama, Oregon, Georgia
      • First out- Minnesota
  • Georgia Auburn
    • Huge Game-for Alabama
    • Can Bo Nix pull off a season defining upset
  • Oklahoma Baylor
    • Finally a test for Baylor
    • Same for Oklahoma
    • 1-loss Oklahoma playoff hopes
  • What to Watch?
    • Parasite or Rick and Morty (Memphis vs Oregon)
  • Bets of the Week
    • Memphis vs Oregon +4 Memphis spread Payne’s pick
    • Tulane vs Temple +3 Temple spread Josh’s pick

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