Three improvements we should hope to see out of Jaren Jackson Jr. in 2019


via/ Darren Abate, AP




Jaren Jackson Jr. draws comparisons to Anthony Davis all the time; however, he will never reach that potential if he does not start crashing the boards. The Grizzlies are the worst rebounding team in the NBA right now only grabbing 39.4 boards per game, and on average, they get outrebounded by 5.2 a game. The 6’11”19-year-old is only averaging 4.6 rebounds a game which puts him fourth on the team behind Marc Gasol, JaMychl Green, and Kyle Anderson.



There is much room to grow for the young big man and this was one of the problems coming into the draft is his weight. He is 6’11 and 242 pounds, yet he is still growing. However, he is only a couple of pounds less than Anthony Davis, who he’s often compared to, and his comparison he needs to put on 10-15 more pounds of muscle by next season if he wants to make the next jump and get into the top tier of NBA power forwards.



A lot of people would like to say his jump shot is another thing he needs to improve on, but his playmaking potential is there and he will improve on his jump shot as time comes. He can dribble and pass, but he is much better than the stats show. Just a couple of weeks ago, he hit a step back to put the game out of reach over the greatest player of all time, LeBron James. That said, he only averages 1.2 assists per game but turns the ball over 1.6 times per game. If he gets up to three to four assists and one turnover, that will be the next big jump in the young big man’s career.


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