Coast to Coast Podcast with Payne Ritchie and Walker Tindall


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Pod Notes

  • SEC East Predictions
    Georgia 12-0
    SC 8-4
    Florida 7-5
    Tennessee 6-6
    Kentucky 6-6
    Missouri  5-7
    Vandy 4-8
  • SEC West Predictions
    Bama  12-0
    Auburn 10-2
    State 9-3 (Dark Horse)
    LSU 7-4
    A&M 7-5
    Ole Miss 6-6
    Arkansas 5-7
  • Who will Bama start Week 1?
  • Who has a bigger chance of a two-team playoff? Big Ten or SEC
  • Urban Meyer and Zach Smith
  • Jimbo Fisher and Santino Marchiol NCAA Violations
  • DJ Durkin O-Lineman Jordan Mcnair

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Walker Tindall

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