14 Days of Mocking: #4 Memphis Grizzlies


Alas, we arrive at my hometown team, the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizz have a solid core in Gasol, Conley, and Evans (if he re-signs). But, let’s say this. Gasol and Conley are not getting any younger, and it seems that they have already started their decline. The Grizz general manager also refused to trade guard Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline, which seemed as if the management was not on board with the tank. The front office for Memphis is notorious for being terrible on draft night, as once they picked a man named Hasheem Thabeet over players like Tyreke Evans and someone who is pretty good at basketball named Steph Curry. Oh yeah, they also traded Kevin Love for O.J. Mayo who is currently banned from the NBA. So this draft needs to go well for the Grizz to sells tickets.


With the 4thpick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select…


Marvin Bagley. Oh, how I love Bagley. He is the best player in this draft, outside of Deandre Ayton, in my opinion. Offensively he is the most polished player and can do anything you want out of a power forward in this modern NBA. He can run the floor, shoot the three, score down low and has solid playmaking ability. He was easily the best player for Duke this season, who is having all five of their starters from last season enter the draft. He is so good on the offensive end, which often means people do not watch him much on defense, which is a good thing. Marvin is not that good on defense in many situations. This would be okay for Memphis as they could put him on the wing and allow him to develop defensively with Marc Gasol behind him.


Comparison: Kevin Love/Demarcus Cousins


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