14 Days of Mocking: #5 Dallas Mavericks


via Mavs Moneyball


The Mavs are slowly but surely working their way back into being a playoff contender within the next two to three years. They had a good draft last year, as they picked up the athletic guard, Dennis Smith Jr. However, they’re nearing the departure of their all-time leading scorer, stretch big Dirk Nowitzki. Knowing they’ll likely be seeking a replacement for Dirk, they could get a player who mimics his play style but shows a flash of being a better defender than Dirk has ever been.


With the 5thpick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Dallas Mavericks select…


Jaren Jackson Jr. Jackson shows flashes of being an all-star star stretch big. However, he is very raw. He can grow into a very talented big man, but do not be surprised if he does not live up to his hype. I am not a huge fan of Jackson, but I see why people like him. He can shoot decently and block shots. Yes, that’s a big deal, but why would it put him in the top three of this draft class? I would not be surprised if Jackson fell to the Mavs, and they selected him in a heartbeat. He is a dream fit for the team. They have been in need of an athletic big man who can guard multiple positions, for a while now. What time is better to get one, than as your best scorer and big man nears retirement. Jackson also showed flashes of his athleticism. If he puts on weight and stays athletic, he can be deadly with Dennis Smith Jr. in a high pick and roll, as he will also be able to run a pick and fade.


Comparison: Chris Bosh


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