14 Days of Mocking: #8 Cleveland Cavaliers


via Hispanonba


The Cavs are coming up on one of the biggest offseasons, if not the biggest offseason in franchise history and it all comes down to one player, LeBron James. He is the greatest player to ever step foot on the hardwood and his contract is up. There are rumors saying that LeBron is leaving to Houston, Philly, or Los Angeles. If the Cavs want him to return, they have to make huge moves and moves that he likes.


With the 8thpick in the NBA 2018 Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select…


Collin Sexton. Sexton is one of the most exciting players to watch in this draft. He had one of the best tournaments in the nation this year and showed crazy potential. Sexton is a ball-dominant guard and LeBron is a ball-dominant player as well, but this is an okay problem to have. The Cavs can play both on the court at the same time, control the pace, and get out and run the fast break. Sexton showed flashes of potential on the offensive end and has the mentality to be the best defensive guard in this class. Sexton’s problem?  He measured in at a hair over 6’0”, but whole college season he was listed at 6’3”, and this will concern GMs across the league. This shouldn’t be a big issue, though, since Sexton showed that he is able to guard the perimeter very well and score inside. His elite speed and quickness will translate perfectly, no matter how big he is.


Comparison: Eric Bledsoe


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