Podcast Episode 6 with Josh Windsor

Kenneth Gainwell



Podcast Notes

  • AAC Preseason Memphis 4 first place votes behind Houston’s 7
  • Wiseman unanimous ROTY
    • All preseason team votes
    • Memphis 1 (James wiseman)
    • Houston 1 (DeJon Jarreau 2018-2019 6th man of the year)
    • USF 3??
  • Basketball strengths and weaknesses
    • Strengths
      • Athleticism
      • Depth in backcourt especially
    • Weaknesses
      • Inexperience Coaching and Players
      • Egos?
  • Projected Starting Lineup (Payne)
    • Boogie
    • Baugh
    • Lester
    • Precious
    • Wiseman
      • A-LO
      • Tyler
      • D.J.
      • Lance Thomas
      • Maurice/Dandridge
  • Keys to Tigers football season
    • Brady white
  • Memphis vs Temple
    • Brady White turnover struggles
    • Kenny Gainwell’s big day
    • Joey Magnifico, was it a catch? Enough evidence to overturn?
    • Does Memphis have a shot at the Cotton Bowl with loss to Temple?
  • LSU Florida
    • Both teams look better
    • Joe Burreaux
    • Road Ahead for both
  • Penn State vs Iowa
    • Penn State: Contender or Pretender
    • Big game ahead vs. Michigan
  • Oklahoma vs Texas
    • Oklahoma human?
    • Texas better than their record
    • Big XII Title precursor?
  • Georgia vs SC
    • SC robbed in regulation with pass interference call?
    • Hot Rod finally misses
  • Michigan at Penn State
    • Penn State scary but unproven, Michigan keeps winning despite glaring flaws
  • Tulane at Memphis
    • Trap Game?
  • Oregon at Washington
    • Pac 12 on the line
  • Temple at SMU
    • American up for grabs 



      All Music by Jared McGee

      Payne Ritchie
      Twitter: PayneNotorious
      Instagram: Payneritchiee

      Josh Windsor
      Instagram: oh_my_josh7

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