Episode one of The Payne Ritchie Podcast




Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me thus far. My writing has been amazing, but now it is on to the next step, my podcast! Subscribe to my sound cloud and my blog to get notifications everytime I post! Leave a comment, like, and share!

If you are wanting to rep your favorite player off the court, you need to check out the Ball Street Journal. They have t-shirts from Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and of course, the second greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan. The shirts are very comfy and completely worth every penny,

I also have had the amazing opportunity of partnering with Dipsticle in Cordova, Tennessee. If you need some all natural gelato and sorbets on a hot summer day like it has been here in the Memphis area Dipsticle is your go-to place. They serve gelatos and sorbets and they can also dip it in any of the four European chocolates they have, as well as any of the eight toppings. If you tell them you heard about Dipsticle through the Payne Ritchie Podcast or blog, you get to buy one and get the next half off! Go check them out in the shopping center on Trinity and Germantown Parkway next to Urban Air and Kroger!


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