14 Days of Mocking: #9 New York Knicks


via Newsday


The Knicks are in a rebuilding stage and have a couple of missing pieces. The only people who seem to be “safe” on this roster is the star power forward Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis is one of the most promising young players in the league, as he is a 7’3 forward who can step out and drain threes and block shots on the defensive side. Last season the Knicks picked a French guard who is long, quick, and showed huge defensive potential, Frank Ntilikina. Frank has shown that he is a potential bust as he was picked before Donovan Mitchell and other solid guards. Ntilikina had trouble scoring and was a decent playmaker. This seems to be the biggest hole that they would like to fill.


With the 9thpick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select…

Trae Young. Young was the leading scorer in college basketball this season, along with leading the nation in assists. He possesses game-changing potential on the offensive end, yet extreme potential on the defensive end. Young is able to shoot from 30+ feet out. This will allow the Knicks to stretch the floor and speed up their pace. The duo of Young and Porzingis would be unstoppable in a pick and pop/pick and roll scenario. The biggest problem with Young is his size. He measured in at just over 6’0 feet tall and cannot really play defense. But with basketball going towards more of a “position-less sport,” I do not get why the Knicks couldn’t just have Ntilikina as a primary ball handler and use Young as a secondary ball handler. They could then hide Young on defense, much like the Warriors do with Curry.


Comparison: Steph Curry/ Jimmer Fredette

I know I am going to receive hate for these comps, as a lot of scouts have Young as a Steph Curry, I believe that can be his ceiling. However, he can also be a Jimmer Fredette and show crazy potential in college and just fall out of the league very quickly.


4 thoughts on “14 Days of Mocking: #9 New York Knicks

  1. Great article, man. Real good stuff. I agree that the only safe Knick is Porzingis. I’m still not big on Ntilikina – never really was. He’s a good defender like you said but he showed zero offensively this yr. And as a first rounder, you need some kind of offense. I’m thinking maybe if his career pans out he’ll be like a Rondo-type but who knows.

    & maybe Young is a good pick but I know he can be a shot-jacker and I don’t want that taking touches away from Porzingis. Great article.

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    1. I had Ntilikina’s comp as Rondo. I never expected him to become an elite scorer, however he could one day average around 8-10 and that would be perfect. He could be the point on offense and guard who ever on defense. He’s a perfect player to look at when you say “stats don’t mean everything”

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      1. Very true. I always say if he could eventually be that 10 PTS/10 AST guy then I’ll take it. He won’t be that first round superstar but if he pans out I will take those numbers. Good point.


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