Tom Brady, the root of Patriots offseason drama

By Jack Shankle

Patriots drama could be more than it seems


via NPR


The Patriots are no strangers to drama in and out of the locker room. For a franchise that broadcasts itself as a “no-nonsense” organization, every year something new seems to come up. And this year its their veteran QB Tom Brady who is at the center of it all. Tom Brady has not shown up to OTAs this offseason, for some people this is throwing up red flags. Reporter asked head coach, Bill Belichick about the absence of Tom Brady and he replied by saying that he was not going to talk about the people that weren’t there.  Though in April, Tom confirmed that he would be returning to the team for the 2018 season, his absence from the offseason program has concerned Patriots fans. Tom Brady has been an integral part of the offence in New England for most of his long career and has also earned a front row parking spot for his participation in offseason workouts for the Pats. Though this offseason he has yet to report for either of the first two phases of the program the Pats have in place. But, Patriots fans should not be surprised by this absence, Tom Brady himself released a statement that he would be spending more time with his family this offseason as well as preparing himself for the upcoming season ahead. It has also been rumored that Tom will be inviting Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski to train with him later in July. With Tom turning 41 this season, regardless of how much he trains or works, time is running out for him.


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