Johnny Manziel: Road back to the NFL

By Brandon Hudson

Johnny Manziel will play in the Canadian Football League this season after signing with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on May 19th. After not generating much interest from NFL teams this off-season, Johnny Football faces a tough road back to the NFL. Many teams are scared of the off the field drama that comes with Manziel. Manziel says that he has grown from his earlier experiences while playing for the Browns and feels that he is ready to move past that and play at the highest level once again.

I can say that I fully believe Manziel has grown, this is the most recent news concerning him and that is a huge positive. To be fair, Johnny Manziel was put in a tough position. His stardom came in such a quick blur that he had to adjust to being in the spotlight, it took some hurdles but I believe the experience has humbled him. His road back though will be tough, The CFL is not the NFL. Manziel has to prove himself again. The biggest thing to watch going forward are can Manziel stay out of trouble and can he be productive playing Quarterback.  The margin for error is very slim for him. This will be his last go around, if he blows this, he can kiss that chance at the NFL goodbye!


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