Josh Allen Racist Tweets


Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


I am not a big fan of people looking up old tweets and putting it in the press, as some can be very embarrassing. Word came out that top NFL Quarterback prospect, Josh Allen, had tweeted back in 2012 the n-word. Saying “I don’t think you n—-s want a troubled son,” Allen reportedly tweeted back in June of 2012. This is bad, but it is not the only tweet that can be called racist that the signal-caller has tweeted. “Why are you so white? — If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!” The quarterback tweeted just a year later.


Racism isn’t good no matter what the form is in. Especially to put it on social media is not okay by any means. As a wise woman, my mother, always told me, “Be careful what you put on social media, that stuff doesn’t disappear. It can affect what happens to you down the road.” Because of that I have never tweeted or said anything racist on social media, nor have I ever wanted to.


The fact that makes this even worse for Allen, despite being a white quarterback who grew up in the country of California, is the fact that the draft is tonight at 7 pm CT. Allen was projected to be an early first-round pick. Many experts had him going early and others had him going low. People have said he is the biggest “boom or bust” prospect in this class.


This is not the only time something has surfaced before or during the draft. The most recent and maybe the worst was in 2016 when top offensive tackle prospect out of Ole Miss had his social media hacked and posted a video of smoking marijuana. He was supposed to be a top-10, maybe top-5, draft pick. Instead, he fell all the way down to the late first round and got picked by the Miami Dolphins.


As anyone who has talked to me knows that I am not on the Josh Allen hype train. However, the difference between being picked number one overall and number 30 overall is something that you never wish upon someone, due to the millions of dollars. Just let this be a clear message to all of you who tweet or post inappropriate pictures or phrases. Whether that be on Twitter, Instagram, My Space just know, that will never go away. Someone can always find it and the power of screenshots last forever.





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