Beckham to sit out until contract extension


NFL: New York Giants at St. Louis Rams

Words came out today that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said he will sit out until he reaches an agreement on a contract extension (Rapoport). This isn’t unusual – it’s the same scenario now with Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Le’veon Bell. However, Beckham wants to stay in the Big Apple where he can have the cameras on him – which is not a very good thing for Beckham since he has a track record of getting caught doing immature things on camera. He was seen partying on a boat in Miami during his bye week, and the next game he played awful. Just this past week, he was caught on tape getting into a fight with a random guy.



These off-field problems are not a good thing for anyone, let alone a 25-year-old young man living in New York City. He tends to have problems with his temper as well. Often popping off at refs, even the viral clip of him throwing his helmet into the kicker’s warm-up net, just to have the net fall and hit him the face. Dang, karma sucks.


Just this past season, Beckham hurt his ankle in the preseason and later came back, just to get hurt and only play a total of four games through the whole 2017 season. Normally people will say, why don’t the Giants just pay him? Here’s the problem: he is asking for 20 million dollars and he has all of these problems. Because of this, the Giants are reportedly looking to trade the superstar wideout. The team that is reported to be after him is the Los Angeles Rams.


Now, the Rams have a history of being bad, but that all changed this season. They ended the year with a great 10-6 record. The majority of this credit goes to the new head coach, Sean McVay. He put quarterback Jared Goff into a great system that allowed his running back, Todd Gurley III, to have a career bounce-back season, finishing as the runner-up for the NFL MVP.


This offense would be insane and a great fit for OBJ, and let’s not mention the city he will be living in. He can still stay in the big lights, join an amazing offense, and help start a dynasty. If I were Odell Beckham Jr. I would want out of the dying New York franchise and move across the country to Los Angeles.


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