14 Days of Mocking: #11 Charlotte​ Hornets

14 Days of Mocking: #11 Charlotte Hornets


via Sporting News


The Charlotte Hornets have been in this same position of not making the playoffs and then not converting their lottery pick into good talent. In recent years the Hornets have taken shooting guard Malik Monk, who was a disappointment in his rookie year and forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who is absolutely atrocious on the offensive side. They did score a great pick in Kemba Walker, but that has really been the only successful draft. Not to mention they drafted Kobe Bryant then traded him. So needless to say, Hornet fans need a good pick.


With the 11thpick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Hornets select…


Kevin Knox. Knox is a solid forward who seems to do a lot of things well. He shoots with solid mechanics and can finish on the drive almost better than any small forward in this class. Knox stands at 6’9 and weighs 215 lbs. This means that he fits the perfect build for the essential small-ball power forward. This is great for the Hornets as they add an athletic scoring option on the outside, who can switch on defense and bring down rebounds for you as well. Not to mention he doesn’t turn 19 until August 11th.


However, the downsides for Knox is almost all mental. He often shows lack of focus and tends to have a low motor. Yet when he is making his shots and everything is going well he is amazing, but when his shots are not falling, he should not be on the court as he tends to make mistakes on both ends of the court more frequently.


Comparison: Tobias Harris


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